Contributions to communities

Over the last 12 years, Villeneuve Construction has contributed almost $2.1 million to Northern Ontario communities.

Donation_CTScanThis represents an average of approximately $125,000 per year, to improve infrastructure, fund programs and schools, sponsor sports, support local businesses, charities and associations, and overall, help to support the local communities that make up the spirit and soul of Northern Ontario.

We’ve taken special care to focus our sponsorship and contribution efforts on those projects, organizations, and activities that keep towns and communities engaged. 

We strongly believe in the value of great education.  The higher learning institutions of the north have given us employees with the skills, knowledge and expertise to help us become what we are today, and we show our support and thanks through yearly contributions totalling upwards of $20,000 per year in bursaries and program funding. 

Villeneuve Construction also contributes annually to the development, maintenance and improvement of care facilities in various communities.  These organizations are dedicated to taking care of the sick and the elderly, and we proudly and gladly support their efforts. 

We also strongly believe in the culture of sport and the resulting engagement of the community, and of the pursuit of excellence that it instills in athletes. This is why we contribute towards our towns’ athletes, to help them keep playing, and to keep pushing to become stronger, better hockey players, soccer players, curlers, fishermen and hunters.