Ready-mix Cement Operations

Kap Ready Mix became part of the Villeneuve family in 2007. Based out of Kapuskasing, Ontario, the cement production facility serves Ontario’s northern communities and supplies Villeneuve Construction’s concrete/cement needs for projects of all sizes.

This year-round operation has a production capacity of up to 180 cubic yards (135 cubic metres) per hour, and contains an on-site, single-compartment cement storage silo with a 90 tonne-capacity.

The facility holds up to 105 tonnes of aggregate in three separate compartments, and with its low-profile design, direct front-end loader charging capabilities, a 75 cm (30”) belt conveyer and telescopic chute, it is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind.

Located in Kapuskasing, along Highway 11, it is an ideal departure point for Villeneuve Construction. Our certified ready-mix truck fleet is ready to supply and deliver concrete for any of your needs.

Kap Ready Mix is available to residential as well as heavy civil and commercial clients, able to produce cement products for an impressive range of project sizes and needs.

Contact Kap Ready Mix for more information and to find out how the production facility can help you with your project.

65 Gurney Rd., Kapuskasing, ON, P5N 2X7
T: 705-335-5600 or 705-372-1838