At Villeneuve Construction, we recognize the value that our First Nations partners bring to the construction industry.

Collaboration with First Nations communities and organizations has enabled us to establish long-term relationship with communities across the north, and provides building capacity with additional resources and expertise. In fact, for more than a decade Villeneuve Construction has taken on projects with our First Nations partners such as:

  • Water treatment
  • Watermain services
  • Well services
  • Earthworks
  • Logging and hauling
  • Road work
  • Parking Lots; and
  • Outdoor Ice rink

In recognition of the value of these partnerships, in 2010, Villeneuve Construction and Cree-Aski Services Limited formed a joint venture under the name of CreeVill Partnership, and together we have upgraded over 100 kilometres of road in six months. The work that we have done on past projects has consisted of:

  • Brushing
  • Ditching
  • Culvert replacement
  • Road repairs
  • Gravelling; and
  • Pit and quarry development

Since then, the CreeVill Partnership has completed substantial work at the Detour Gold Mine site located northeast of Cochrane, Ontario. The work has included earthworks, access roads, multi-plated culvert installation and rail bed upgrades.

This partnership, and our continued relationships with First Nations communities across Northern Ontario, has built stronger connections, ties and bonds within the construction industry in our region. This has given Villeneuve Construction and our partners an extended reach in resources and has given us more skills with which to move forward.

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    CreeVill Partnership

    Villeneuve Construction and Creeaski Services Limited have partnered to create CreeVill, a joint venture to provide leading construction services across Northern Ontario.
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  • Our community

    Our community

    Our community is our people. It’s the towns in which we operate, the hockey teams we support, our First Nations partners, and the students we support through bursaries and program funding.  
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